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Frank Started started in 1991 in a garage built next to his house.

In 1993 he moved to a larger workshop, because the large amount of machinery that he was working on. The old workshop was too small, and did not have all of the facilities.

In 1999 after continuous growth, Frank demolished the old building and built a new workshop and office. The workload continued to increase and the first employees were hired.

In 2011 his son Bart assist and will again expand its activities. This will now make the existing building too small and MK Gilze is currently looking for a solution.


A solution was found in a new development in the Midden Brabant Poort in Gilze. the construction of the new building was completed in June 2012 and was opened festively.
In 2015 an additional plot of land adjacent to the property and there are plans to expand the current building with a loading and unloading dock for trucks