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Multivac Thermoformers

Machines Kennes is one of the leading rebuilder of pre-owned
Multivac® packaging machines to the Food and Medical Industries
Whether you're looking to upgrade your Multivac® packaging system or purchase one of our rebuilt machines, Machines Kennes has the solution to meet your specific needs.
Every machines starts with a complete rebuild, replacing all pneumatic and electrical components. The OEM computer system can be replaced with a modern Siemens Step 7 system with color Touch Screen.

Our in house design and fabricating facilities allows us to re-design the existing machine's frame ( length and width ) to accommodate the new package tooling and cutting systems.

We design and fabricate all of our tooling in house using 3 high modern CNC machinery.

Our parts department maintains a comprehensive stock of replacement items, most orders ship same day.

Our well trained service staff installs and will maintain your packaging machine to assure it's always in top operating condition.

We are NOT! MULTIVAC dealer but can give you all the service / information required on the machine.

We always have several thermoforming machines from stock. by the various offerings we can always help with an appropriate machine. do not hesitate to ask for information from us. this by phone or through the mail.

Multivac: R095, R105, R120, R140, R230, R240, R245, R330, R530, R535, R550, R555

T200, T250, T350, T400

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Wir haben immer mehrere Tiefziehmaschinen ab Lager lieferbar. von den verschiedenen Angeboten können wir immer mit einer geeigneten Maschine zu helfen. zögern Sie nicht, nach Informationen von uns zu fragen. diese per Telefon oder durch die Post.

Multivac: R095, R105, R120, R140, R230, R240, R245, R330, R530, R535, R550, R555

Multivac Darfresh: R270, R272, R275, R570

Multivac Shrink: R250, R550 , R555
T200, T250, T350, T400

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