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Mk Thermoformer

Great news from the drawing room

On the last days of 2019, we came to an agreement with a well-known customer to place our first deep draft tractor built entirely in Gilze. This machine will have to meet the highest possible quality and function requirements. The machine will be based on techniques that have shown in the past that they are of high quality and functionally stable. The machine will be largely made of stainless steel, and will be made for the future. With electric lifting systems and smart tools, the machine is ready for the future. These machines will be equipped with our MK IPC17 wide image controller as standard. With this terminal and software we are ready for the future and the industry 4.0 side of the story. We are happy to keep you informed via our website and our social media channels. the machine stands for delivery in mid-September. further details follow.

We are also interested in a high-quality and functionally fast machine made in the Netherlands.